My Review of The Crusader by JP Wilder

The Crusader cover An exciting adventure! The Crusader takes the reader into the dark underbelly of the Crusades.  The protagonist Aaron rides with the “Dark Men” carrying out special covert missions meant to hamper the enemy.  These missions are far removed from the battlefield charge, and instead are carried out in darkness to kill all the heathens they encounter.  The time he has spent serving among the Dark Men seriously alters his previously held ideas of honor and glory on the battlefield.  Yet, by undertaking these missions, Aaron and his companions have been given the promise of absolution for their many sins and a place in the kingdom of God. Rayfe the Darkstalker is a vicious killer who also happens to be the man Aaron must follow on a dangerous mission against a stealthy and equally deadly adversary.  This mission will put both his martial training and his loyalty to the test. Wilder delivers believable characters, exciting battle scenes and a solid story all around.  This was a fast read that held my interest from beginning to end and left me eager for the next book.


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