My review of Tears of Heaven by RA McCandless

Tears of Heaven cover

An ancient Nephilim, SIG .45s and a whole lot of attitude!

This is an entertaining book filled with intense action, interesting historical flashbacks, great use of witticism and a supernatural protagonist who struggles with all too human problems and emotions.

Tears of Heaven is the story of Omedelia-bar-Azazel or “Del” and her fellow Nephilim who serve as agents of the Throne of Heaven, tasked with destroying fallen angels or “rouges” who have taken up residence upon the earth.  While this mission is of the utmost importance, Del doesn’t do it out of a sense of loyalty or the kindness of her heart. She has a deep seeded anger towards the Throne and the mighty angels that constantly demand both her service and allegiance. Yet her conflict with Heaven doesn’t stop her from wielding her SIG .45s with deadly purpose against the rouges.

Fans of the books of Rob Thurman, Jim Butcher or of the “Supernatural” television series will greatly enjoy this book.

From the start of Tears of Heaven, the gun-toting Nephilim Del takes no prisoners as she does battle with the forces of darkness. Del is a strong, yet conflicted woman who personifies what it means to be a true heroine.

I really liked the way that McCandless painted a picture of angels who showed deference to the plight of humanity, at times even reaching a level of animosity towards them.  The angels in this story are not the typical compassionate beings of light floating around the earth saving people. Instead, these angels are deadly warriors who kill without hesitation or regret.  As the protagonist Del points out so clearly in the book, “People think they want to meet an angel, but they really don’t. The awful truth is that meeting an angel is the scariest, most life-altering moment of any mortal’s short existence.”

The flashbacks to Del’s much earlier life helps to illuminate the events that turned her into the hardened warrior she had become.  This back story helped me connect to the character, as it described a much different time in her life, revealing a softer side of this deadly hunter.

“Tears of Heaven” by RA McCandless is a superb book that I highly recommend.


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