My review of Ways of the Stygia – Banner by Donny Swords

A thrilling journey through Purgatory!

Banner Cover


A creature is pulled from the Void and set loose in the realm of Purgatory by the infamous killer, Kain. The chronicles of his arduous journey through the darkness are recorded in “Ways of the Stygia – Banner” by Donny Swords.

Banner is created to be a nightstalker, a deadly hunter that prowls the nearly endless lands of Purgatory, killing with cold efficiency. Yet something calls him to be more. Banner abhors killing from the first moment he is forced to do so, and seeks to live a life free of the torture and death that follow his brethren. His travels take him through the many horrors of Purgatory and reveal his development as a sentient being as he struggles to survive and choose where to place his loyalty. For even in Purgatory, there is a hierarchy of power, and terrible pain awaits those who get caught between the factions.

Donny Swords does an excellent job of painting a believable picture of the bleak and frightening landscape of Purgatory. He immediately captured my interest in the character of Banner, who is a being of turmoil railing against his own inherent nature and striving to be greater than his brethren who fall victim to their own base needs and desires.

I really liked the twist on the back-story of Kain, as well as that of Odin, Loki and others who were a part of this tale. But my favorite has to be the most fearsome creature of the land, Saverus the dragon. Saverus is a force of nature that has the fear and respect of all who inhabit the lost lands. Yet it is not a mindless beast. Rather, Saverus serves as a form of balance in a war-torn land.

Ways of the Stygia – Banner by Donny Swords is a dark, compelling journey through a war-torn landscape filled with powerful, scheming deities, evil, depraved creatures, lost, tortured souls, and a conflicted nightstalker seeking something more.

Grab a copy of “Ways of the Stygia – Banner” by Donny Swords today!


– Travis Ludvigson, author of Yare’ Darkness Bound, Iron Song and Unrelenting


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