Back from the Void

So, apparently 2016 went by and I entered some sort of vortex that whisked me away and prevented me from writing on this page. Well, I’m back, and with a big announcement.

I have a story that is part of a multinational, multi-genre anthology that is poised to break the Guinness world record for the largest anthology of short stories ever published!

The book is scheduled for release on 09/30/2017, but pre-orders are currently being accepted. Sales are important on this one, but not for the reason you might think. I do not make any money from this anthology, but instead get a place in history. In order for us to beat the world record, we not only have to have more contributing authors than the previous record holder, but we also have to make at least 1,000 sales world wide. So please, show your support and order a copy. This anthology has something for everyone as it is filled with stories from all different genres from authors around the globe. Below is the link for pre-orders, and once the book is released at the end of September, it will be made available through Amazon and other sellers.

Guinness Anthology Ad


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