The history of the Nephilim

“The sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose….At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons.They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.” Genesis 6:2-4

The idea here being that the fallen angels had intercourse with human women and they in turn bore them children who were half angel and half human. In my books, I have established that when the Nephilim were born and came of age, they chose to serve either good or evil. Below is an excerpt from Yare’ Darkness Bound, which describes how the Nephilim came into existence:

After the rebellion, the fallen angels began to exploit their new home on Earth, many seducing and then having sexual relations with human women. Those women who survived the coupling or who weren’t murdered by the fallen afterwards had children who were half angel and half human. These very special children came to be called Nephilim which has been translated as ‘Giant Ones.’ This was due to the fact that Nephilim grew to such enormous size.

Archeologists have discovered a number of skeletons that have been attributed to the Nephilim race. In fact, one such Nephilim is even mentioned in a well known Bible story.  The giant Philistine Goliath was in fact a Nephilim.  While humans do acknowledge the existence of the Nephilim, they still discount their supernatural origins and thus remain ignorant to the fact that they are not fully human and possess many of the powers of the angels.

In addition to their inherited abilities, the Nephilim also had a decision to make just as their fathers had. They could either embrace their good, angelic nature and dedicate their life to serving God, or follow the rebellious, demonic side and spread evil and destruction.

Some chose to be good and others became evil. Those who followed their fathers became minions of Satan, and were highly valued because of their ability to operate on the physical plane. They are called Dark Nephilim and they serve as a tool for the demons, carrying out acts of violence and destruction on Earth.

The other Nephilim chose to follow God and oppose the Dark Nephilim and their demonic masters wherever possible. They fight alongside the angels in the battle to protect humankind.

Those that followed evil and fight for the demons are known as Dark Nephilim, and they grow to resemble their demonic fathers. The evil power that flows through them twists their physical features and they become monsters.  

The Dark Nephilim

The Dark Nephilim

Here is a brief description of the Dark Nephilim, Stenero in Yare’ Darkness Bound:

“Its skin was rough and hardened as if made of stone, the teeth were sharp, jagged and coated with a foul black liquid. Scars crisscrossed its arms and bared chest. Even the posture was that of a creature, sitting in a crouch, large muscular legs tensed and ready to spring at a moment’s notice.”

Those half angel/half human beings who chose to follow God are called Nephilim and they are powerful warriors. The Nephilim maintain the semblance of human beings, although they are unusually large. It is within their power to conceal their true size and power so that they can move about the human populace and offer protection against the forces of evil.



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